Forum rules

Netiquette / Forum rules

I. General

  1. This is a forum that is not about professional help, but primarily an exchange of experiences among medical laypersons.
  2. Discussions about suicide do not belong in this forum. We want to give help to live.

    If necessary, please contact the telephone counselling service:
    0800 111 0 111 or
    0800 111 0 222

II. Recommendations

  1. Remain anonymous.
    This forum serves to get advice, if necessary, also to delicate topics, about which one would not like to speak with people, to whom one is known, possibly. Therefore, choose a nickname under which you can not be searched and found here. If you share a PC with someone else, log in and out (click "Log in" or "Log out" on the avatar) and use the privacy features of your browser. Do not post any information about yourself in the forum that could be used to identify you.
  2. Make sure that your tone is friendly, that your language is easy to understand and that your posts are easy to read (spelling, clear structure)

III. Rules

  1. Log in with a valid email address. Accounts that are not linked to a valid email address may be deleted.
  2. The use of more than one user account is generally not permitted. Exceptions can be permitted by the moderation with appropriate justification. Multiple accounts created without the permission of the moderation can be blocked.
  3. Respect the thread creator's desire to discuss a particular topic and avoid sprawling "off topic" discussions.
  4. Spam posts including meaningless posts can be deleted without notice.
  5. Refrain from statements of any kind that contain insults, insults, devaluations or other personal attacks, provocations as well as statements / publications with an erotic, pornographic or illegal content (including violation of foreign copyright, publication of PNs, racist, sexist, glorifying violence statements), uploading or linking offensive images. This also extends to user names, avatars and signatures.
  6. The publication of medically questionable content is not permitted. This includes, among other things, the trivialization of drug use, questionable statements about eating disorders, positive references to dubious medical methods.
    The forum language is German. The use (quote, link, translation, etc.) of foreign language sources is strictly prohibited. Exceptionally, especially for scientific content, English-language sources can be used.
  7. Advertising of any kind is prohibited. This also applies to advertising in the profile or in the signature and also to advertising without commercial purposes.
  8. Reference to surveys, studies, etc. is not allowed.
  9. Legal advice is not allowed.
  10. Public discussion of moderation decisions is not permitted. Complaints from affected persons are discussed internally within the team.

Procedure for violations:

  • Inadmissible content will be deleted and may result in a warning or account suspension.
  • If you notice such content, please click on the triangle below the post and thereby report the content to the moderation.
  • Depending on the severity of a violation, 1 to 3 warning points can be given per violation. When 5 points are reached, the account will be suspended.
  • In the case of minor or first-time violations, a warning may be issued, which does not yet award any warning points.
  • In serious cases, the account can be blocked directly and without prior warning in the event of a single violation.
  • In appropriate cases, an account may be temporarily suspended regardless of the number of warning points.


  • The membership (the account) can be deleted if this is requested by personal message (see "Conversation") to an administrator or a moderator.
  • There is no claim of the creator to the deletion of threads or posts. If there is a valid reason for a deletion (e.g. accidental disclosure of personal data), please contact a moderator (e.g. via "Message"). The moderator will decide at his own discretion.

The administration reserves the right to make changes and additions to these rules.